Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FIVE months...FIVE! Seriously?

Where has the time gone? Bronson, at five months old you are a pure joy. You currently have your first cold and still you try to be happy. Although, you are NOT a fan of the bulb syringe, aka booger sucker. As soon as I bring out the saline drops you start getting riled up. You talk so much. You really want to be a part of what's going on. When you are fed up with what ever it is you are doing you give slight warning before you flip.  You absolutely love your Jumperoo! You have massive thighs to show for it. You can bounce for hours. When you do get upset you utilize those crazy strong thighs to push yourself backwards. You almost knocked yourself out of your Bumbo seat,if not for those thighs.  Thank goodness I had warned Granny about it earlier because she had you sitting on the sofa in it. You still wake happy everyday. It brightens my day. Your sisters adore you, although Mylie still gets quite jealous.   You've tried peas. You liked them. Also, Granny gave you ice cream. You could not eat it fast enough. I can take you anywhere. We went out for Hibachi and behaved like an angel. Other guests even commented on how well behaved you were. You are rolling to your sides but then you stop. You cannot get yourself all the way over. You have lots of tonnage to try to roll after all. You are a total fatty and it is beyond adorable. You are a huge fan of being tickled. You are ticklish just about every where and will toss your head back with laughter.You still have big bright blue eyes and amazing dimples. When Talise  sings I'm falling to Pieces to you you laugh. I'd like to know what is so funny about that, but to you it is. You are in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We've had the hardest time finding a diaper that you cannot pee through. You have a little Houdini going on in your diaper. Right now we are on Fisher Price.  They are super cute! You have monkey's are your bum! You are very alert. You are my sweet boy. My wonderful, amazing, sweet boy. I could not love you more. Five months, already. Wow!