Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I miss

There are few things that I miss about life before children. It would be beyond amazing to sleep when I want to until I wake up on my own. BEYOND! Going to the restroom without an audience would also be nice. To really hear a song on the radio without interruptions. To read a paragraph only once and completely comprehend it.  Watching movies, you can put in a dvd to watch, but with children in the room it is quite difficult to enjoy.  Showering alone.  The basics really. At the same time, tonight while I was showering with Bronson, seeing that fat little guy smiling at me makes it alright. Hearing my girls laugh at the dvd also warms my heart. Looking in the rear view mirror to see Mylie singing along makes me smile. Nothing really makes up for the potty business though. I mean, who really wants someone to watch them poop, besides sickos?