Monday, November 8, 2010


My babies are getting so big!  I realize that all parents whine about this, but it just STINKS! Emma, formerly known as Talise, talks of boys, her booblets, or make-up non stop. It is quite scary. She's 10! What is it going to be like at 15? I shudder to think. Mylie has lost her mind bottle, is potty training and asking to go to school. She was THE baby just 5 short months ago. Speaking of 5 months, that's how old Bronson, aka taters, will be on Wednesday. I know he's still closer to newborn than toddler but still. Five months gone by, already. Where did they go? He is still quite amazing. If I could put him in my pocket and carry him with me everywhere I go I would. I am more in love with him than I have been with any man. His granny brags much on his listening skills. He grins when he should and puts forth a good bit of effort to comment back to you. The girls drive me mad. They bicker and fight and try to boss  me around. Yet, when they hug each other or cuddle up on the love seat together I easily forget the craziness of the day. I'm sure eventually my sweet son will make me wanna bang my head on the table also. I still know I am blessed beyond measure. I'll take all the craziness and more as long as I can call these sweet, growing babes mine.