Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There is a seven and a half years age difference between Talise and Mylie. When I had Mylie Talise was still in school.  It was nice. I'd sleep on the sofa with Myliebel and when it was time for Talise to get up for school I was ready. I'd help her get dressed and feed her breakfast and Mylie would hang out in her bouncy seat. Once Talise got on the school bus Mylie would nurse and we'd fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. We'd get back up, get bathed, eat, play for a bit and nap again.    Keys word is we. I was well rested, even with a newborn. That is one of the only things about having two close together that is tough. Bronson sleeps well. Mylie will now fight a nap. Usually at nap time I get Bronson down and then start the sleep fight with Mylie.  By the time I get her asleep and I start dozing off Bronson will wake up. I'll feed and change him and we snuggle a bit then he is back to sleep. I will get super warm and cozy , slowly drifting off, then bam!  Mylie is up. All of this sleep teasing is taking it's toll on me. I was so tired this morning that I forgot all about Mommy & Me.  I look forward to it all week, and I forgot because I was fighting to  stay awake. I think with it being chilly out and being so cozy under an afghan makes it even harder to fight. I love this weather though. I love my babies too. They are more than worth the lack of zzz's!