Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Months

They have just flew by. I thought they would take a bit longer because I took twelve weeks off of work to take care of him. I was terribly mistaken. My sweet fella turned four months old on the 10th. He came in this world weighing 6 lbs 12 ounces. Today he weighed in at 15.5 lbs! He's grown 4 1/8 inches. He was quite charming at his well check this morning. Smiling at his pretty doctor. He is such a ham! When he gets tickled about something he'll smile so big. I swear it looks like his smile sinks into his dimples. While he's smiling he'll lean forward and kinda hold his hands up like his going to ring them. It is just precious. Like he cannot contain his excitement. I could just kiss him like mad. OK, back to his appointment. All was well until it came time for vaccinations. Poor little guy! Thank goodness the nurse is quick with it. He fussed for a bit and was over it. He has moved into his crib now. he is starting to roll over and did it in his bassinet. He is such a piglet that his girth rocked the bassinet! I was afraid that he'd tip the entire thing over on himself. The pediatrician advised me to let him try to self soothe at night. She said at this rate only to let him cry for up to ten minutes. I'm not sure if I can. We'll see. She also asked if I've started him on solids yet. Nope! He still spits solids out.  He LOVES his bottles mixed with rice cereal. he will nurse off of both breasts and still want that stinking bottle! Of course, he isn't one to turn down a meal. He LOVES his jumperoo. He jumps like a mad man. He can now grab his toys and immediately pull them to his mouth. He is such a joy. He can make me smile so hard that my face hurts. He brings me so much contentment. Such a blessing.