Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shopping with three kids

I mentioned to a cashier earlier today while out with my smallest two, that shopping is easier with my oldest in tow. She is a huge help. Well. Not so much the case tonight. We were in the only shopping Mart in Roanoke. I was holding a very sweet, cuddly, sleepy Bronson while Talise pushed the cart with Mylie riding in the back. We got a walker for my sweet fella and put it under the cart. Mylie kept standing up which blocked Talise's view so Talise was being a little jerky in her steering. I walked in front of the cart to prevent any bystanders from being plowed down. I currently suffer from very sore heels. As we are making our way to the front The stinking walker keeps getting knocked to the side, or knocks things off of shelves. Talise is doing her best to manage the walker and cart. Then I hear screaming. The loud, shrill, scared scream. I turn in time to see Mylie's feet almost in the air. She is heading face first to the ground. The items she was holding went flying out of her hands out in front of her. Thank goodness her foot caught on the front of the cart and that stinking walker was sticking out of the front  which softened the blow. She was able to catch her fall. She did not hit her head. She has a pretty decent bruise/scrape on her foot that was immediately purple and swollen. She was terrified. She was clinging to me, almost crawling up me. I had to hand Bronson off to Talise and hold Mylie. She cried and cried. Once I finally calmed her a bit we checked out and got home. She talked of her fall the entire drive home. We had to call her daddy and her granny so she could tell them about her boo boo. I am so grateful she is fine. The scene keeps  replaying  in my head though. Feeling helpless. Seeing my baby and not being able to reach out to stop her. My arms were full. I could see but not prevent. That sucked.