Monday, May 3, 2010


Tired is not a strong enough word. I really don't even think exhausted is. I am barely functional. Work was busy this weekend. really busy. I started off fine. then the braxton hicks started. that's fine i am used to it at work. i am on my feet a lot. after a couple more hours my lower back started aching, a pulsing ache. then menstrual type cramping. at this point i started to worry. i just kept drinking fluids and tried to sit as often as possible. sitting didn't help. at all. in fact, i started getting a shooting pain in my cervix.  the kind of pain that peaks, contraction type pain. i started to really worry. the shooting pains kept coming on more frequently. the more patients i went after the worse they were.  it got to the point I'd have to stop walking and breathe through them. i called upstairs and spoke to a labor and delivery nurse. i was advised to take tylenol and lay down. sure, i still had an hour to work. i did take the tylenol and sit. the contraction type cramping kept on coming. i left work and got in a warm shower, just in case. the shower did not ease the cramps.  I went straight to bed and layed on my left side. after a couple of hours  i fell asleep. When i woke up Sunday morning i felt some pressure but that is it. i went to work and within a couple of hours it all came back.  Sunday wasn't as busy so it didn't get too bad, thank goodness. today i have been wore out. i called Dr. B's nurse and she told me to definitely mention it to the Dr. on Wednesday when i go in.  she said i may have to cut back my hours at work. i really don't want to have to do that, especially if it cuts into my fmla. i want to stay out with Bronson as long as possible. hopefully it won't come to that. when i did go out this after noon the cramping came back again though. i guess I'll have to wait and see.