Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Such An Emotional Gal

Oh Holy Hormones!!! I had a doctors appointment today.  It was my 36 week check up. I had to fight rage and tears the entire time I was there.  Why, you ask? I have NO IDEA! I had absolutely no reason to be upset at all. Nada. Yet there I was, stumbling over my words, fighting back tears, feeling extremely foolish, which only made the tear fight even harder. My sweet doctor smiled and spoke gently, then I slipped up. I accidentally said tootie. TOOTIE! I am sure my face was beet red. I apologized for using such technical terms and he laughed it off. He is so patient and kind. He made me feel much better and by the time I left I was actually happy. I asked his nurse to mention to him that I have been contracting and am miserable and to please check my cervix.  I have to know that it is making a difference to make it more bearable. He did. I am currently dilated 2 Cm's. Not much, but I'll take it. I reminded him about a possible induction and that the 12th of June is on a Saturday. That is when I will be 39 weeks. I expressed how important it is to me that he be the guy to deliver and he said sure, we'll just bump it up to the 10th. He said as of now my cervix is definitely inducible, he just wants to let him grow and his lungs mature more.  Not at all a problem. It is just SO nice to have a definite end if I don't go into labor before then. He did reduce my hours at work TO EIGHT HOUR DAYS INSTEAD OF SIXTEEN.  i WAS A LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT HOW MY SUPERVISOR WOULD REACT TO THAT SINCE WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BIG MOVE. He WAS ACTUALLY GREAT ABOUT IT. aLSO, THIS COMING WEEKEND WILL BE MY LAST ONE BEFORE i HAVE Bronson.  i DIDN'T WANT Fernando TO HAVE TO BE HOME THE WEEKEND, THEN HAVE TO COME HOME EARLY FOR THE INDUCTION AND END UP MISSING AN ENTIRE WEEK OF WORK. SO THAT WAY I'll HAVE TIME TO REST AND HE CAN GET SOME RUNS IN BEFORE d- Day.  i GUESS THAT ABOUT SUMS IT UP! hOPEFULLY i CAN KEEP MY EMOTIONS UNDER CONTROL UNTIL 6/10/10. oNE POSITIVE TO ME BEING AN EMOTIONAL MESS, THE GIRLS HAVE BEEN GREAT.  tALISE ESPECIALLY, she HAS BEEN DOING WHATEVER SHE CAN TO MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR ME SO i DON'T FLIP OUT!