Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Last weekend was uncomfortable to say the least, so I mentioned it to my doctor at my check-up last Wednesday.  He wasn't concerned as I was ok then. Thursday I cleaned house, really, really cleaned. Nesting I think.  I started cramping and feeling pukey and had to take a break a few times. When I took a break I'd either eat a pear or drink something.  I felt better. Friday i went to run some more getting ready for Bronson errands and decided to get Mylie a toddler bed. It was probably heavier than I should be lifting, bu it's only me so what could I do. I know I could wait, but that is NOT me! While I was checking out I started feeling hot and really nauseated. When I got home I layed down for a while and felt better. Later that night I started cramping a lot. I thought nothing of it since my doctor wasn't concerned before. I did get quite grumpy and had a horrible time trying to sleep though. When I got to work the next morning I felt ok. Then I started eating breakfast. Not the best idea.  I put it to the side and went about my business.  I had to go do some portables. While pushing the machine things started going downhill. I felt very queesy. Then I got light headed, I had to squat against the wall for a while. When I got back to the department I sat down for a bit and was cramping a lot. They hurt. Then I had to throw up. Still cramping only worse. I called up to labor and delivery and they told me to come up to be checked out. I really thought I was over reacting. Unfortunately, I wasn't. They gave me a shot of terbutaline.  Nothing, In fact my cervix changed. Second shot.  Whoa! I felt like I was going to pass out.  I got instantly hot, sweating like mad. The room was spinning and everything sounded far away.  They said it was from the medicine. Eventually it faded. Still having contractions so I got a third shot.  An hour later I am still having contractions but no change in my cervix. They gave me procardia. Didn't help, still having contractions. Four hours later, a stronger dose of it. It helped. I had to stay over night though because as soon as it started wearing off I would start contracting again. I had to miss a does because the Procardia was causing my blood pressure to drop too low, 92/56. I got discharged today on bed rest and Procardia every 6 hours and was told do NOT miss a dose. I have to set my alarm clock to be sure I get it on time every time. I have to back to the doctor this week and hopefully can go back to work next week.  My doctor wasn't on call one of his partners was.  He said that at 35 weeks he wouldn't stop labor if it started, but I don't know how my doctor feel about it. I guess I'll find out this week sometime. That was scary. I hope to keep him cooking for at least 4 more weeks.