Wednesday, May 5, 2010

33 weeks

I had my 33 week appointment today. It went well. I gained two pounds. Not bad. The doctor took a couple minutes to find Bronson's heart beat, but I wasn't worried because he had just been wiggling up a storm. My blood pressure was great and everything measured right. He actually pulled out the measuring tape this time. He said the group b strep test will be either next visit or at 36  weeks. I go back in two weeks, then on to weekly appointments.  I told him about this past weekend at work.  He said as long as I am OK now not to worry. So I'm not worrying. I brought them doughnuts. I felt like a celebrity. They really made a fuss over it. I know when I worked in a doctors office we always liked it when patients brought in food. It's a nice treat. On a side note, I am feeling more prepared to meet this little guy. I am not rushing anything though. I am happy to wait it out for at least 5 more weeks. I do have the car seat ready, the bassinet cleaned, most of the supplies I need, and plenty of clothes for him. I still want a monitor, and a bouncy seat, but that's it. I bought him a mobile, but I may take it back to get a bouncy seat instead.  He is gonna be in a bassinet for as long as possible so by the time he is in a crib he may be too big for a mobile. I'll discuss it with Fernando.