Monday, May 10, 2010

Outpouring of Love

Since moving out here to the middle of nowhere I have often felt alone. The one close friend I had kinda lost her way and we are no longer speaking and I don't have anyone besides my husband that I feel truly close to. I decided to try a church, While there I was made aware of Mommy and Me. I started going. It was a big step for me as I am reserved by nature. The ladies were great, They were warm and welcoming. I enjoy attending when I am able to. I still don't feel especially close to them, but feel like with time I could be, Since all this going on with Bronson people have come out of the woodwork. I think that is the saying. Co-workers or people that I thought were merely co-workers have offered help.  People that I thought were old friends that I was no longer true friends with have come out to offer help. When I was in labor and delivery, scared for my baby, alone, my husband had to try to find a ride to get to me. My friends husband, whom he had never met, offered a ride without hesitation.  I am amazed by it all. So many have offered up their assistance. Just this evening a couple of wonderful ladies from Mommy and Me took the time to prepare dinner and dessert and brought it over. Plus they brought flowers! How thoughtful is that? Turns out I am not so alone after all. Several sweet people surround me and my family. God has been showing his love for my family through these amazing people. We are so blessed. I love all my friends. I appreciate just knowing that they care, that me and my family matter to them. I am amazed.