Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting there

Bronson could be here in as little as 2 weeks, or as long as 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS is NOT a long time! I know it seems silly, but I am not ready for Mylie to not be the baby. She is such a sweet girl. Even when she asserts her independence she is soft about it. I just love her. I know that won't change, I just hope I am not worn too thin. I bought her big girl bed today. She picked it out and is very excited about it. When her daddy gets home I am going to get him to put it together for me. I am debating on throwing out her diapers too. I don't want too much for her at once. She uses the potty whenever she wants to. She's even pooped in the potty. I just don't want her to go from my baby to no boobs, no co-sleeping, no diapers and new baby all on top of each other. The idea of a boy is odd to me too. I haven't ever been overly fond of boys. It's not that I don't like them. I just don't relate to them. Honestly, I don't want a little wimpy, pansy boy. Fernando isn't much into sports, although he does know about soccer. Not that sports make a man.  Fernando is definitely a man, a darn good man.  I just have a very low tolerance for a whiny little guy. My girls are pretty tough. I have always been told that boys love their mommas and that mom's have a special place in their hearts for boys, so how would I keep him from being whiny? I ADORE my girls. There is no way I could love them any more. I am a lunatic mom. I am crazy protective and on top of things. I know I will be the same way with my son, and if not isn't that doing him an injustice? Wouldn't me being harder on him be unfair?  It's bad enough the poor little guy has me, Talise, and Mylie to deal with. Right now Mylie is the lowest on the totem pole.  I am sure she will take to bossing him around like Talise does her. She will finally be bigger, at least for a while.  Everything will be fine.  I know it will. I am sure mom's that have boys then all of a sudden have a girl on the way feel the same way. I guess it's the unknown that gets to me. I know I can't wait to breathe in that sweet new baby smell and feel him melt into me. Baby grunts are the best!