Thursday, April 8, 2010

Worst Mom of the Year Award

Definitely goes to me.  At least my oldest child would think so. She's had what I thought was a cold since March 13, 2010. This week she started complaining of a headache and sore throat, I figured it was allergies.  The pollen has been crazy. Yesterday she comes home from school and goes straight to bed . That worried me. So, I broke down and called the doctor. She is indeed sick, she has a sinus infection and pneumonia! I feel horrible. She is just SO dramatic about things, and she hasn't felt feverish. Oh well, at least she's being treated now. Also, she is so angry with me right now. That spat my mother started is causing all sorts of grief.  My mother won't answer the telephone because she has caller i.d. which makes Talise cry. My mother speaks about me to Talise, which makes Talise cry. My mother went out and got a puppy, the exact kind Talise has always wanted and was calling her everyday to tell Talise about the puppy's day. Talise misses that. Talise is upset that she won't be seeing my mother over spring break now, that visiting wasn't good enough. That my mother is being so stubborn.  Her feelings are really hurt, and since I am available, she lays blame and anger on me. She says she's angry with her granny, but I am the one she yells at, stomps around and talks back to.  I am trying to be sympathetic. It's not easy.