Friday, April 23, 2010


Comfort can be brought on by so many things. Foods that make you think of growing up or grandma, old movies, a special blanket.  I feel the most comfort from my husband. Knowing that he is here to protect our family, the love he has for us, the sacrifices he is willing to make. So many people didn't think we would make it. So many didn't think he would amount to much. He has far exceeded my expectations. He loves me in a way that I cannot express. If you come around us you'd be able to tell, he exudes love for his family. I once had a friend comment that she wished her relationship with her husband was like ours, that one could tell by the way he behaves around me that he adores me. I agree. I adore him also. I cannot imagine him not in my life, i don't want to either.  We are not perfect.  We disagree, we aggravate and bicker. That's the end of it though. We choose our battles and let a lot of things slide. We praise each other and show appreciation often. Having him by my side, on my team, encouraging me at what ever it is I am trying to accomplish, brings me comfort. His love is my security blanket. He is all I need. I thank the Lord for putting him in my path. I could not have chosen a better man for me, or to father my children.