Friday, April 9, 2010

Sticking to my word

That has never been my strong point. Especially with loved ones. Mainly, my girls. I cave, pretty quickly. I am a guilty mom. Always guilty about something.  I worry so much about turning into my own mother that I tend to allow too much. Talise was not a happy girl this morning. She was stomping and grumbling and yelling at Mylie. I know she needs some summer clothes and it has been my intention to buy her some today. I told her this morning that she would have to earn them. Her attitude has to improve. It took all i had in me to NOT go buy her things. How crazy is that. She made me and Mylie miserable this morning, yet I was going to go back on my word and buy her things out of guilt. Guilt for knowing that her old summer clothes either don't fit or are getting ratty.    I will probably take her to the store next week, especially if she behaves well for Fernando. Not a lot, just essentials. What's worse, she knows I am a sucker.  Stinker!