Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Countdown is near!

Multiple countdowns. Talise only has four more weeks of school. WOW! I will be so glad when this year is over for her. I don't exactly love her teacher. Neither does Talise. She's over heard her teacher say on several occasions what a bad class they are and how terrible they are. Way to show the love teach! I feel bad that her summer is pretty much shot. I plan to buy them a swing set. They have other things out side to play with also. She really wants to go somewhere on vacation. We will have to take a couple of small trips, maybe to places like the Wild Animal Safari, the dairy farm, maybe a children's museum. I will try to pack in as much as I can before the little guy arrives. Speaking of Bronson, only 7 more weeks! I am starting to get anxious. Fernando isn't at all. I asked him last week to go get the baby stuff out of storage, he didn't want to. I want it out yesterday to be sure none of it is mildewed. If anything has to be replaced I'd like to know sooner rather than later. I did wash his newborn things and put them in Mylie's dresser or hang them up. So far Mylie has left it all alone. I probably just cursed myself!  I still need to buy him an Angel Monitor, some crib sheets and myself some nursing bras and something decent to wear in the hospital.  I work there and I don't want my co-workers coming up to see me in the hospital issued nursing gown. They just aren't a nice memory to have.