Monday, April 5, 2010


I feel huge. When I look at pictures of when I was pregnant with Mylie I know that I am not that big. Bronson just feels like he is everywhere. I took the stairs at work on Sunday. One flight. I thought I was gonna stroke out. I could barely breathe. I was proud that I didn't collapse. Only ten more weeks! That's if I go to term. Bronson could be here in as little as 7 weeks.  That blows my mind. I have got to get busy! My co-workers (angels I tell ya) were planning a secret baby shower for me for next Saturday.  How do I know about this surprise that they have worked so hard to keep from me? Well, someone at work that was sent the email about it, the email that was sent to everyone in my department but me, posted it on the bulletin board. My girls were so upset! I felt SO much love and gratefulness. I really did expect it. So, after this weekend I will start buying stuff. I have to get a few things for me to wear also. I have made it this far (30 weeks) without buying any maternity clothes! It is starting to get uncomfortable. I need to get Talise to take a picture of my baby bump. I guess that is enough rambling.