Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping While Hormonally Challenged

Oh My Goodness! That is all I can say about it. My girls were well behaved yet still I am mentally exhausted! I must say I was warned though. See, in the small town where I reside the local Wal-Mart is tiny. It suits for basic needs but doesn't have a lot in the way of stock. So I decided to go to the Wal-Mart in Lagrange.  Yes, I know that they are remodeling, and looks like it will be nice once it is completed.  Until then ~ Cah-Razy! Things are everywhere,  people are everywhere, aisles are difficult to manage a cart down.  Items are only partly arranged.  An example, I was looking for fruit roll-ups. Not something normally difficult to find. The aisle that claims to have fruit snacks has maybe 12 boxes of off brand fruit snacks, then a ton of empty space beside them. The fruit roll-ups were beside the dog food. YUP! DOG FOOD! My pregnant brain will barely let me function in a neat and orderly store. I barely made it out without making a fool of myself. When I got to my car after I got my measly one bag of items I couldn't even talk to Talise.  I had to let my brain rest. It's quite sad actually.  To help me relax after wards I stopped at Dairy Queen. My co-worker mentioned a blizzard at work yesterday and I haven't been able to shake the thought.  I will consume it later. once my rug rats are asleep so I don't have to share! I think if I venture to the ole Wal-Mart in Lagrange again I may need sedation.