Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby shower and Braxton Hicks

Saturday at work the girls threw me a baby shower. It was really nice. LOTS of good food, gifts and friends. It meant a lot to me. Plus, just seeing blue bags made me feel weepy. I got diapers, clothes, sleepers, onesies, bath supplies, blankets, towels, sweet cards, gift cards and money. I already spent the money! I ordered a moss colored Moby wrap and a Snuggle Me Cushion in the groovy cars design. I almost cried about ordering stuff for my little guy too. I have been SO weepy lately. When I got home Sunday night I cried twice! My sweet husband at first seemed annoyed, then came and hugged and kissed me and blamed it on the impending arrival of Bronson. I think he is right.  All weekend at work I had Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy.  Especially Sunday, whoa! I am definitely gonna bring it up to Dr. B. At my last appointment Dr. B. mentioned that we could schedule an induction as early as 38 weeks if need be.  I don't want to, BUT I am SO worried about Fernando not making it home. I think I am going to bring that up at my next appointment also.  That could be as early as June 5th! WOW! That's 54 days.