Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleeping Babes

You know, I can have an absolutely horrible day ( which is not the case today) and at night, when my babes are sleeping, all is well. Not because they aren't making noise, begging for more of me when I feel like there is none left to give, fighting, playing or anything else. They are just absolute beautiful angels. Talise, her long dark hair, and her bright blue eyes are nothing compared to her asleep. Her full lips seem to swell  a little and they look darker, even prettier than during her wakeful moments. Her long eyelashes curled up on her freckled cheeks, amazes me. Mylie smells of coconut and sunshine and has the most angelic little face. Her lashes are even longer than her sister's. Mylie still makes little suckling movements with her little lips. She still makes little baby grunts and squirms and she melts into me when she falls asleep. I love to feel her warmth and the heaviness of her body against mine. It still boggles my mind that the love I have for my husband caused the two wonderful beings to enter my life. I loose my patience, and they can be little button pushers, but it is more than made up for with all of the good terrific they bring. Talise leaves me love notes multiple times a week, and she always kisses me twice goodnight because she says I have such soft cheeks she can't resist.  Mylie will tell me she loves me whenever, we can be in the middle of a shower, or riding in the car, or grocery shopping and she just springs it on me. They both pick me flowers often and do their best to try to help me out.  My heart overflows with love, appreciation, thankfulness, and pride. My girls. MY girls. God is awesome!