Thursday, April 1, 2010

28 week check up

So this morning I met with my wonderful ob/gyn for my 28 week check up. I had a sneaking suspicion that my weight was up as people have commented on how large my belly is. I do tend to get a rather big gut, but I am really short and the baby has no where to go but out. I ALWAYS have a tremendous belly while pregnant.  After Mylie was born my belly collapsed. Even the dr. commented on how flat it was. I REALLY want that to happen again. Then, I got on the scale. All I can say is VOMIT! I am so completely bummed out. I gained more than I would have liked.  I know that sounds so vain and stupid, oh well.  I guess I am vain and stupid.  The weight gain is the most difficult part of pregnancy for me. I brought it up to the nurse. She was super nice about it. She assured me it was fine, but that I did have some protein in my urine also. Now I am starting to freak out! She said my blood pressure was excellent so she is not at all worried. Well, that is just not good enough for me. So, when Dr. B came in I told him I was concerned ( actually completely freaked out ) about my weight gain. He said it was a bit much, but I am still right where I should be because I hadn't gained much at all up to this point. I should be fine. Now I have to convince myself of that! My goal is to not gain more than 1 pound a week until I birth this baby!  On a positive note, I asked him if there are other methods of pain control besides narcotics or an epidural.  I'd really like to try to go natural but, I tend to tear, pretty bad.  I'd rather not feel that tearing of my birth canal along with a person trying to exit it. That just doesn't appeal to me. He said he could watch for signs of tearing and should it appear as if I will he could inject Lidocain to the area so I won't feel it. That pleases me. I will still fill out epidural paper work just in case I wimp out. I've been known to be quite wimpy. Only time shall tell.