Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Having Fun

I have been having such a good time enjoying life lately. Even this weekend past at work. We were incredibly busy but I still had a great time cutting up with my co-workers. I am amazingly blessed at work. Love it! I can not express that enough. Of course being mostly women we can have our moments but we are quick to talk it out and move on. So Blessed! I must admit I am a little disappointed that a member of our crew is moving on and up hopefully.Though I am happy that they have a new opportunity they will be missed as they bring so much light and playfulness to the group. I have taken the initiative to go ahead and try to recruit one of my favorites from another crew though. Keeping my fingers crossed. I've had fun since I've been home also. Me and the girls  (and handsome fella) have been riding with the windows down and the radio up singing and dancing as we ride. We played outside then came in to watch a television program together. It was a good day yesterday. So far today is going wonderfully. I have been really feeling Rihanna's music lately so Mylie, Bronson, and I have danced it out this morning! They laughed so much Mylie had to take a break to recover! I am a happy girl!