Friday, March 18, 2011's getting real old

So, apparently since my ex had our divorce moved to a different county the judge rotates through and won't be back until the first week of April to sign off on the papers. Technically, we are still married. Since Fernando knows this he hired ANOTHER attorney to try to get the divorce set aside. Why? CHILD SUPPORT!!! He feels like because I can provide that he shouldn't have to, except maybe $150.00 here and there. I can't even speak to the man without getting a headache. I have been going round and round with him about the children's insurance premium that needs to be paid. I am only asking for half and offered to give him their account numbers and the telephone number and he can pay it himself. NOPE! He thinks if he waits until he comes to town and sees the kids THEN he will give it to me. Trying to bribe me. Also, he gave away his vehicle! How is he supposed to take the kids anywhere or go buy them food. I know his family isn't going to want to haul them all around everywhere and I don't blame them. Not the brightest idea. Every time he calls or texts he HAS to call  me baby, honey or some other lovey term. It drives me insane and he knows it. The other night Talise was talking to him on the phone and I heard her say "Because she pays for everything, food, electricity, our know you are still our dad and you should buy us things too!"  I was proud of her. Later I asked her why she said that and it was because she asked for some summer clothes and he asked her why I couldn't buy them. I supported him for three years, the rest of our marriage he barely held a job and now this!
  More drama...Wednesday Talise didn't get off the school bus. Just as I was about to call the school because I was freaking out, Talise's friends mom called. She had Talise. Apparently Talise forged my signature on a note saying that she was to ride home with her friend. She told the schools secretary that I was at the dentist and no one would be home. So, even though her friends mom did not send a not they let her go with her friend anyways. NOT HAPPY. Talise didn't see what the big deal was. I called the school and explained what she had done. For now on I will write and sign all notes in a specific color ink AND call the school anytime Talise is to ride home differently. She is 10! TEN! I panic at the thought of her at 16. Her father thought it was funny. I'm still angry.