Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tantrum Hell

Where has my sweet, loving, obeying, helpful little girl gone? I now have an opinionated, controlling, screaming little monster. She wants to be held ALL the time.  That doesn't really bother me much, except when I have to use the potty.  She doesn't want her daddy to leave her sight.  She wants to do everything by herself.  When she does need us she wants us to handle whatever the need is NOW! She's picking at her sister. She's a slapping, biting, kicking fool.  When she can't decide what she wants she bangs her head on the door, floor, washer, dryer, whatever is near by. Whenever the rest of the family tries to speak to anyone besides her she screams like a banshee, but only while we attempt conversation.  When we get quiet so does she.  UGH! I think she may be cutting a tooth. I am being extremely patient, but it is tough.  I keep telling myself, this is a normal, developmental stage, it will pass. Until then I REALLY need a drink, I will not partake, darn fetal alcohol syndrome!