Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr.'s Appointment

All is well. My bp was excellent. Bronson's heart rate was 157. I've gained 13 lbs so far. I'm ok with that. Well, sort of.  My dr. is ok with it.  I am a little freaked out because I still have three months to pack on the pounds. I am going to try to lay off the carbs a bit. With summer coming up and all the good fruits in season it should help.  I did a fasting blood sugar, I feel good about that though. I only have 1 more 4 week appointment then it's on to every two weeks! I CANNOT wrap my brain around that. I don't look pregnant enough for that.  I am NOT prepared for it. I still have SO much to buy. Bronson has three summer outfits and that's it. I have Mylie's old swing, crib, and bouncer. I need EVERYTHING else.  I will start shopping once Fernando starts getting a paycheck.  Mylie's birthday is at the end of the month.  I have to buy he presents, something pretty to wear and schedule her two year pictures. I am overwhelmed!  I am not doing a big party for her. I am taking her to an inflatable play place and out to eat, having cake a simple decorations.  My mom will probably come over. I may bring little cup cakes, hats and favors to mommy and me that week.  I did really big stuff for Talise and she has no recollection so I am spending the party money on presents and such instead. I really want to get her this little pink motorcycle with a side car for her dolls and an outdoor water table. We'll see.