Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Weekend! :)

Even though I did have to work, it was great. Saturday was crazy at work, but the day flew by.  That was nice because Fernando came home while I was at work. Actually,  he came home before I left for work and I didn't know it. I had driven up to his job site to bring him some things, just in case he was there, but I didn't know his truck number.  He was there but asleep and didn't see me.  Oh well.  It was great to talk to him on the phone.  It was a relief to know that he was home with our girls.  It was amazing to come home to him after a hard day at work. I helped him with his logs and we basically tried to catch each other up on what had went on for us during the week. He told me that when he saw the girls he started crying. He said he knew they were beautiful, but didn't realize just how much so until he wasn't able to see them every day.  Sunday I was not happy at work. Then I got to see Bronson! He is looking so cute! I could see his face getting plumper, and his tiny little nose. His lips look full and he kept sticking out his tongue! He put on a little show for me and that made my mood improve tremendously! When I got off of work I had to take Fernando back to his truck so he could get to Mississippi before 7 a.m. to drop off his load. It was hard, more so on him I am sure.  He has to leave everything familiar behind. That saddens me. It also makes my heart fill with love for him knowing that he really doesn't want to leave us but does to help our family. Talise said he cried earlier that day and when she asked him why he said because he had to leave us again. I love him so and pray that God keeps him safe. He called this morning and made it to his destination safely and on time! Now we just count down for the next time we meet!