Monday, March 1, 2010


I have read about so many babies struggling, fighting cancer, trying to recuperate from abuse, the list goes on. My heart is heavy and my prayers are many. I feel like I am begging God. I pray for these babies, their families, for the safety and health of my own children. I fear so much.  It is all consuming. I do A LOT of research. I guess I feel like the more educated I am on things that can go wrong or signs of abuse that I can prevent it.  I know logically that I can only do so much. I drive my husband nuts. I think I bug my friends too.  I cannot help it. I want to protect.  I want to make  a difference. I want to end their pain and suffering. I want to understand in some ways, in others I am SO glad to not be able to. The problem is just SO big. I thought getting it out would help but it doesn't. I feel the same. Well, my prayer list:
Layla Grace
Wax Family
MacClenahan family
Whitmer family
Spohr family
Cora's family
Catherine's family
my babies