Friday, March 5, 2010

The count is on!

Fernando only has one more week of school.  Not even an entire week. Next Wednesday is his final day! I am So excited/proud of him! I am also getting very uneasy at the thoughts of being stuck out here in the middle of nothingville without anyone close by and my babies. My only means of defense is a b b gun used mostly to keep rodents and strays out of our trash bins. In a true danger type emergency the intruder would probably take it from me and beat me with it! I tend to freeze in danger type situations.  The idea of going into labor without him here REALLY freaks me out.  I am sure I could recruit one of my mommy and me momma's to drive me to the hospital if need be, but he brings me such comfort in situations like that. Even though it has been tight financially with him out of work we have really gotten used to him being home all the time.   I am sure Mylie will have a hard time adjusting.  Just with him going to school everyday has gotten her so clingy to him when he is at home.  He has to hold her all the time. We will all adjust I know.  It will definitely be a step in the right direction. I just don't like change. I will survive.