Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fractures and fevers

Poor Mylie. Poor, poor Mylie. She has really had a rough go of it. First she busts open her chin last week, then last night she breaks her nose. I feel horrible.  Iwas sittig ong the sofa and Talise was sitting in a kiddie chair while Mylie was riding a toy granny got her. We were watching Old Dogs. Mylie was leaning forward as she rolled for momentum. As she rolled towards Talise with her little body leaning forward on the steering wheel Talise  put her foot out forward to push Mylie backwards.  Mylie went flying over the front of her toy face first on the wooden floor.  Talise immediately started screaming, I'm sorry, it was an accident.  Mylie got hysterical! That is the only way to describe her. She was red faced, screaming, crying crawling up my torso as I held her with her head buried in my chest and shoulder.  Blood was every where.  My first thought was her teeth.  Maybe she knocked them loose or out. Nope. When I finally got her calmed enough to look at her face she was already sounding congested. Her top lip was purple on the left side and it was hanging low over her bottom lip.  Her bottom lip was also swollen and purple.  I got her a cold rag for her mouth and went to get some Motrin for the pain and swelling.  That is when I noticed her nose.  the bridge of her nose was red and swollen. Under her eyes were a little dark. She said she needed to blow her nose so I got her a tissue and her mucus was blood streaked, bright red. I called her pediatrician and while I waited for them to call back I cried and called my mom.  I desperately wished for Fernando to be home with me.  My mom suggested I called the E.R. where I work. So I did. While I was waiting for a doctor to get on the line the nurse from the pediatrician's office called back.  I clicked over and all she said was to watch it for three days. That's IT? I was NOT happy with that answer so I called my hospital back. I spoke with one of the doctors who basically told me the same thing, only he explained why. That was nice and much more acceptable. Well then this morning I roll over and Mylie's little cheeks are pink and I feel her head.  She is burning up! I went online to web md and searched broken nose + fever and it said that she needed to be seen. We went in and saw a different pediatrician (our's wasn't available).  He was super. Excellent bedside manner. Mylie actually smiled and laughed at him, something she does not do with strangers.  He felt her nose, looked up there and then did the res of a normal exam.  It seems that the fever is viral and her nose is definitely broken. It should heal well, he wasn't concerned about it. He made me feel much better, and not at all neurotic for bringing her in. That was nice. Poor, sweet, Myliebel.