Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something All the Time

Here lately my sweet Doodles has been so very clingy.  Mostly to my husband, she often times refuses to come near me at all if he is around.  I think she knows that he will soon be gone a lot. She wakes up at five a.m. with him begging to be held. She cries and has fits any time he tries to put her down. That's not really so bad, just a bit irritating. What is truly bothersome is she has been getting hurt ALL THE TIME! Just over the weekend she slammed her fingers in the door and fell and scraped her leg.  I know, toddlers fall. They get scrapes. It's normal. Well, Monday, since it was so pretty out we all went outside to play. Fernando was chasing Talise around while Mylie played with a garden bunny I have in the yard, and I sat and watched her. WHile Talise was running she turned to see where her dad was and fell backwards and hit her head. She started wailing. Mylie turned to see what was the matter and got so upset she started running towards her sister. She is very protective of her big sister.  Talise has an electric scooter that was plugged in being charged.  Mylie tripped over the cord while holding the bunny. She hit the concrete with her face busting the bunny open. That bunny cut her tongue, the inside of her cheek and busted under her chin. It was a deep boo boo. She has cuts from holding the bunny on her arms and legs.  She also has a big red spot n her forehead.  Off to the emergency room we went. She got calmed down and went outside with her daddy and sister. The hospital in Roanoke is quite small.  It reminded me of a hospital you'd see in a scary movie.  Tiny, old, tile walls, creepy. There were other sick people there right on top of us, so I was completely ok with them going outside.  Talise comes running inside with Mylie right behind her, only Mylie is too small to catch the door. The old glass door slams on her tiny fingers.  She yelped out so loud! Then came huge, loud sobs. Fernando popped Talises arm for letting go of the door. So Talise is crying, Mylie is screaming, and I am trying to calm them down. After a two hour wait, the doctor finally comes in to fix our baby.  Dermabond to the rescue. Mylie did wonderfully. She held real still and stared quite hatefully at the doctor while he cleaned out her chin and squeezed it together. This morning she woke up complaining about her boo boo's hurting.  I gave her some Tylenol and went to make her breakfast. Once her food was ready I moved the coffee table over and smashed her little toe! I felt horrible! It wasn't bad, but it was the point. Later this morning she closed the kitchen cabinet on her fingers.  This afternoon, while helping us wash our minivan she skinned both her knees. She has had a rough go of it! She looks beat up, poor baby. The cherry on top, her boo boo under her chin looks possibly infected.  It has gotten two crusty, white knots under the Dermabod so I will be calling the pediatrician in the morning.