Friday, October 2, 2009

So much new stuff

First off, Mylie has been using her potty really well.  She peed in the potty about 6 times yesterday.  I bought her some stickers to use as a reward.  It's working well.  I am SO proud of her. Mylie is only 18 months, Talise was 2 before she really started using it. Talise got her first phone call from a boy last night. She freaked out!  She took off out the side door running towards the pear tree which she tried to climb.  She said she was really nervous as to why she went running.  She said she never thought he'd really call her. I explained to her how he probably had to build up courage to call and next time talk to him. I am going to put her in karate classes, or something of the sort. Some girls are trying to intimidate her and I want to build up her confidence so she'll stand up for herself. In fact I have to call her counselor today about that very thing. I will be so glad when she changes school next year.  this one is my least favorite of all the ones she's been to. I went in for my progesterone check today.  This is getting old fast. I hope it worked this time. Of course, I'd hoped it worked last time too.  I called the technical college about nursing classes.  They told me my core from radiology would count towards rn. All I need to do is register and take the NLN PAX. I am going to buy the study guide soon. Well, that's it!