Friday, October 16, 2009

4 weeks

I am currently 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant. About a week ago I started having symptoms. So far I've had a headache every day. Nothing crazy bad, just a dull ache, strong enough to not let you forget it's there. Five days ago I started getting nauseated. It usually comes on after lunch which made me think it was my iron supplement doing tit to me, but yesterday I got a surprise bout of it right after breakfast. I thought that if you kept something in your belly that you wouldn't get it.  I was wrong.  I am exhausted most of the time. During the week I try to take a nap when Mylie does, at work I just suffer through it. I already have to pee a lot, and when the urge hits me ~ BAM! Oh and I am gassy, yay! I just can't wait to go to work with THAT symptom. I went to the dentist yesterday and I need a crown.  My dentist called my ob and the ob said I could have it done as long as they don't use epinephrine, and that I could have Tylenol 3.  Although my ob says it's safe it makes me nervous. My dentist says that my tooth has four fractures, not just one, and if I wait for it to break it will cost more to repair it.  I REALLY want to wait until December because I will be in my second trimester. But, with only me working right now, I can only afford so much. Speaking of working, Fernando has an interview Monday!!! I have been praying up a storm. I've enlisted all of my friends and family to pray also. That would be AMAZING! I know God will provide, he always does, it would just relax me a bit. Oh! Crazy dreams have already started. A couple of nights ago I dreamed I had triplets.  TRIPLETS! The first one, I didn't see at all, have no idea where it is. The second one I delivered and it was whisked away, the third one came out and tore me.  But they placed her on my chest.  I remember looking down at her and saying "This is my Rielle!" Then I had to search the halls and beg for someone to come and stitch me up. While being stitched I finally saw the second born, which was A LOT larger than the last. I think I had triplets because I already have two girls, and that's why the second one (whose still a baby) was so much bigger than Rielle.  Who knows. I've already started throwing out names to my family. Fernando came home and asked about Devon, eh, we'll see. I like Caliope ~ shot down fast! Once I can buy Intelligender and get a hint at what sex this little pumpkin is I'll be in serious search.  I LOVE looking up baby names.