Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Response Digital Gold!

My friend told me about them, so I bought two. That's right, not one, two. They were on sale. Plus $2.00 off. So I brought it home and peed on it. I anxiously awaited the three minutes. I couldn't leave it in the bathroom, I HAD to bring it into the computer room with me while I checked my email. I looked down full expecting to see a NO- but NOPE! YES+ I CANNOT believe it. I tried to calm myself down and walked outside to show my husband.  I asked him to look at it to see if he could tell if it was positive or not. He dropped it on the concrete! I nearly screamed DON'T Break It! He picked it up and looked at it. What does yes mean, then he got it.  He grinned very big.  I am SO excited! Now I have to start saving for maternity leave.