Friday, October 23, 2009


I've been feeling funky lately.  Bored.  Blah.  A little pukey, but blah. I've gotten out of the house, did some yard work, did some cleaning, still funky. I work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, although I am looking forward to seeing my friend. She will be there. Fernando and I have been tossing around names.  Yes, I know it's early, it takes us FOREVER to pick a name. With Mylie we were arguing after she was born and the birth certificate was filled out. Fernando likes Devon Reid, he's picked no girl names.  I like it alright. I like Rielle Malin or Rielle Hartley. He goes back and forth with it.  There is no telling what it will end up. I'm bored. I guess I'll go play Bejeweled.