Monday, September 28, 2009

My horrible experience yesterday

I have prayed about this, spoke to my husband about it, and it is still really bothering me. I am a x-ray/ct tech.  I was at work yesterday and round the corner to my department and see my co-worker fussing over this lady waiting for her ultrasound. My co-worker looks panicked and there are towels at this ladies feet pink stained.  The lady was standing in front of her wheelchair crying. I ran over to see if I could help and find out what is going on and my co-worker ran back to our desk to call an ob nurse. The lady was 18 weeks pregnant and had been having cramping in her lower abdomen for two days. The ob nurse gets there and has us call the e.r. dr. that sent the lady to ultrasound and tell him to contact the ladies obgyn and tell him she is in early labor.  The e.r. dr. said for us to still get the ladies scan done! Well, the ultrasound tech finally finishes the scan she is working on and we get the lady into the room.  When she stands gushes of fluid rushes out to the floor. She says she feels pressure in her bottom.  We get her on the table and immediately she says something came out. I had to pull her pants down and there was her baby. It wasn't alive. It was SO tiny, perfectly made.  The lady was hysterically crying. It was awful! I had to call down to the e.r. to have her husband brought up and tell the e.r. dr. what had happened. The ob nurse showed the lady her baby, which the lady had asked to see. It was so small it fit inside a washcloth (our makeshift blanket due to limited supplies). When dad got to the department he had no idea why he was there. Thank goodness I didn't have to tell him. I could barely maintain composure. When he came to her, he was crying. I wanted to hug them so badly.  But what good would that do? Later that evening we saw the husband in the lobby. My co-worker asked him how his wife was doing.  He said she's alright, upest.  I told him I was so sorry for his loss.  He thanked us for being there with is wife. When it was all over my co-worker and I had a big cry. Although it was quite sad I think it confirmed that I am in the wrong field, I think I may go to nursing school. I've thought about working in l&d for a while now, this experience makes me want to do it even more.  Then I could provide more comfort for someone dealing with this. It was so horrible.