Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling hopeful

I bought a couple of pregnancy tests at Food Depot. They are the cheapest, store brand test I have found so far, $.76. On the box it says compare to First Response and that they detect 25 ml. I don't know why I did it, but I tested yesterday.  Day 26 of a 31 day cycle, very early, I know. I'm not sure if I got a faint positive, or an evaporation line. I followed the directions to a t. Four drops of urine, wait 3 minutes, it looks barely pink, which could be evaporation. I am going to buy a real first response today.  It seems those have the best early results. I feel hopeful about this cycle, my cervix seems to be acting pregnant from what I've read. It is still soft and high, but closed, I have creamy cm in abundance, cramping everyday, and this last one is a little kookie but, my hair is curling up.  When I was pregnant with Mylie my hair went all curly on me, my husband thought I was nuts when I reminded him, but he agreed. It is also falling out a bit, it also did that before, it could be because of the Clomid though. Oh, and my husband was watching my get dressed and commented on how big my areolas look. So I feel hopeful. I don't feel quite as anxious to test with my other girls I was the same way. The test yesterday was just to do it, I didn't expect to have the results I wanted this early on. I'm saying some prayers and crossing my fingers (just to cover all bases)!