Monday, February 19, 2007

I am sleepy

I slept until 11:30 a.m., and still I am fatigued. We went to the evening service last night at church. It was good. We are going to be baptised. I feel really good about it. Fernando is doing a lot better with the whole baby making thing. I am excited about my ultrasound tomorrow. I really hope I get good news. I really want a baby. My friend Tiffany recently found out she is pregnant and she didn't tell me! I find that incredibly sweet and caring, but I do not want to be viewed as that woman! You know, the one that is so focused on her own issues that she sucks the joy out of others good fortune. I bought her a card to explain that I am happy for her. I had to explain to Fernando about the opk's. He thought the were pregnancy tests! I told him how they works and explained that once I get a positive we will need to do the deed everyday for three days, even if we did have sex the night before. He took it in stride, but I know he hates the sex on demand thing. I agree, it is a buzz kill, but I do enjoy the closeness. A total change of subject, I bought the new bissel healthy home vacuum, I love it! It is amazing! I have been a vacuuming fool! It's got killer suction and is easy to clean.