Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some things never change

We have officially moved on. It feels great. I wake every morning next to someone I love. Someone that loves me, and makes it known daily. My kids are adjusting well. Mylie is the only one testing the waters any, but that is just Mylie. I keep reminding myself that her strong will should serve her well as an adult. She says she loves Bryan. Talise refuses to admit that she likes him. I think she feels that it would be disloyal to her father to admit that she does. Her face lights up when she speaks of things her and Bryan do together. He seems to be making a significant effort to bond with both Talise and Mylie. Bronson is usually finishing dinner and getting bathed and ready for bed when Bryan gets home. The one time he was alone with the kids for a couple of hours Talise said he was doing baby talk with Bronson and trying to cuddle him, Bronson just wasn't having it. He's my sweet boy. Bronson is super close to me, and even closer to Talise. I sometimes feel a twinge of jealousy because of it. He'll let his sister hold and love on him way more than he will me. Oh well, such is life. Back to moving on, Talise is officially registered at her new school. She starts Monday and we went yesterday to meet her teacher. The teacher seems fun, we shall see. Talise is a bit nervous, but I know she'll do wonderful. She always makes friends quickly. Bryan and I have been trying to merge our things. My goodness is it difficult. I have 14 years and three kids worth of stuff and he is just an emotional guy. He places sentimental value on so much. He has a hard time letting things go. I have a difficult time with clutter, nick knacks and collections. Seeing that stuff makes me feel anxious. I like everything to have a place, neatly. He has stacks of papers all over. I bet their is a stack in every room. I am dying to go through and toss stuff, or just combine it all. He's asked me to please not. I am desperately trying to be patient. I received a call from Fernando the other day to tell me that he lost his job, yet again. The only reason he called was because he doesn't want me to report him for non-payment. He went on to say there are no jobs. I called his bluff and texted him several jobs in his field from I told him to file for unemployment and as long as he pays something I won't turn him in. That man had the nerve to say that unemployment doesn't pay much! I reminded him that diapers are less expensive than a carton of cigarettes, if he can buy those he can pay for diapers, wipes and pull-ups! He goes on to tell me that he can't pay child support from jail. My response, he also can't enjoy the freedoms of life. Funny how self centered people remain that way even when they have those sweet little faces to provide for. I will never understand that mentality. I count my blessings everyday for meeting Bryan. He is such a different man than my ex. He has faults as we all do, but they are so bearable that they aren't worth mentioning. I am truly enjoying being domestic again. Not that I didn't feed my kids, or clean my house before moving in,  but having someone kiss me by and welcome me home from work. Having someone thank me for having dinner waiting on them, getting appreciation feels amazing. My kids expect it, he's never had it since living on his own that I am aware of. I am happy. It feels great.