Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lack of Kahuna's vs Really big Kahuna's

So, of course my ex is behind on his payments. He is avoiding my calls and texts, yet will text me like a mad man when he wants to talk to one of the girls. So I leave him a voice mail since he isn't man enough to handle his responsibilities. His big bad brother calls me and starts rambling off a bunch of stuff that doesn't concern me. Fernando keeps walking off the job. He's out in the sun working with "the Mexicans" all day, he runs his mouth. Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! I couldn't care less. Praise God none of that is my concern any longer. So now what? Well BBB tells me HE is going to pay my ex's child support because my ex is so worried about paying it. OK, and? He says he'll catch up this month then pay a month at a time. Perfect! That is what I had wanted from the beginning. Then BBB has the nerve to tell me that I will give him my address and his wife can mail me a check once a month. Nope! Not giving out my address. BBB tries to intimidate me! He's not stupid like his brother. It is illegal to keep my children's address from a man that pays child support. WRONG! Read my ex's copy of the divorce papers. I have FULL custody and am waived of the law that states I have to let him know where I live. I don't even have to give him my phone number. Heck, I don't have to let him see his kids at all. he has NO visitation rights. I let him see them because they love him and until they realize what a sorry loser he is then they should be able to spend time with him, supervised. BBB said he was having his wife call my ex's attorney then. Well while you're at it big boy, the child support reduction still hasn't been signed by the judge so technically he owes the original amount. Go make your calls then tell me whether I should file for non payment or where you'd like to meet me to pick up the payment. BBB is used to having his tail kissed and being the oldest sibling everyone cowers, well guess what? Not this one! Sorry BBB, you have NO say in this matter so suck it!