Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things are still going amazingly well at home. Talise already has a new best friend and made friends with the girl next door. Bryan's best friend has a daughter Mylie's age. They came over yesterday and her and Mylie hit it off well. Both girls had their own playmates yesterday. I am a bit jealous that I was working and unable to see it. Something else that I wish I could have seen, Bronson climbed on Bryan's lap and they watch Little League baseball together. When he told me about it I almost started crying. Bronson would not have gotten that from his sperm donor, so that alone makes me weepy. Also, that means that they are bonding which has worried me from the start seeing as how Bronson cannot talk or be reasoned with yet. Just envisioning my two favorite guys chilling out together makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Things are adjusting well. I continue to fall harder each day and truly feel its a mutual connection. Not to say everything is peachy and perfect, we are human and a normal couple. Still smoothing out kinks, especially since he's never had kids. He is funny about his things being touched or moved. Mylie is used to being in control of her daddy and doing what ever she pleases whether it's her things or not. I completely understand and respect his position, yet if she has just moved his remote or the water hose, something along those lines ~ dude! Shut your pie hole! It's fine! So I am being more diligent about keeping them occupied so they are less interested in his things and also explaining to him that my kids follow me where ever I go, so if you don't want something bothered put it up! That's the extent of our issues. Well besides normal relationship baggage and insecurities. Really, it's not even worth mentioning. His does SO much right and makes me so incredibly happy that mundane quirks can be overlooked. I cannot remember the last time I felt this way. Not just in love but to know that I am loved as well. To not be picked apart, ridiculed, insulted and taken advantaged of. He does none of those yet still has to answer for them. Hopefully I can let go of all the miserable crap from my marriage and move forward blissfully, trusting our love. For now I will just bask in the glow of my happiness and try to keep any crazy insecurities in check!