Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A nice surprise

Well Fuckhead continued to show his tail over the weekend. He called me at work wanting to get the kids since he was no longer busy. It was sort of too late seeing as how I was at work. I made him aware of the difference in Georgia laws compared to Alabama in regards to child support enforcement and visitation. Technically he has no visitation rights as it is, but the kids love him and until they realise who he really is I think they should see him. I am no longer tolerating his crap though. I informed him that unless he pays child support then he will not have any contact with his children. He was not at all happy about that. He was even willing to take "the baby" if he could see his girls. REALLY? How absurd! That comment alone is enough to make me want to slap him, although I never would, just envision it with a smile. So Monday afternoon out of the blue I receive a text asking for my address, umm...I don't think so. He wants to send me child support. I told him I'd be happy to meet him somewhere to pick it up. He actually showed and paid me! I was shocked. Bryan was with me so Fuckhead did not show his ass either. It was nice. He has not called still to speak to his kids or asked about seeing them. They have asked multiple times every day. It sucks.