Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look at that face

Isn't it the sweetest little face you've ever seen? Well it is definitely one of three that I have ever seen. She's got the sweetest disposition. Always loving and sharing. Never had to worry about her getting into things, until now that is. Yesterday I decided that we would bathe before nap time. Mylie and Talise had colored tattoos all over themselves and we had had homemade milk shakes that had leaked down the front of Mylie so it was time. She HATES having her hair washed. It is never fun, but we have to do it. After we battle the shower I cover her in creamy oil because we tend to have dry skin.  She smelled great and was all cozy in her pj's so we went to dry her hair. I got her all ready for her nap and asked her to go play while I dried my hair. I have short hair, REALLY short.  It takes all of five minutes to completely dry and style. When my hair was dry I went looking for a really quiet Mylie. I found her holding the cream oil tube and covered head to toe in it! OMGosh! I couldn't believe it. She doesn't do this sort of thing. Well, I can't say that anymore. We got her rebathed, hair rewashed (only no conditioner this time) and redressed for her nap. That was incident number one.  Today I am pretty sure I broke my little toe.  i know that there isn't anything they cn do about it. I can only take Tylenol and it isn't touching it. It is swollen, red and stiff.  I cannot bear weight on it without a tear or two. I am in no mood for craziness. Mylie went potty with me and afterwards washed her hands. I hopped to go make lunch thinking she was behind me.  NOPE! She had taken my handsoap into her room to et really clean. It smells so yummy momma. How can you argue with that? It's a good thing she has such a sweet little face!