Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Damn Strawberry

I went grocery shopping yesterday with my mom.  No big deal, just a dreaded chore that needed to be done or else it was buttered toast for dinner. Well, the produce section had some strawberries cut up with some yogurt fruit dip for people to sample.   Mylie is a fruitaholic, so she wanted some. She is almost two years old and has a mouth full of teeth. She has been feeding herself for about a year or so. When she asked, I obliged. I got a tooth pick and poked a dark red berry, it looked good. I handed it to her and she took a bite.  YUMMY! She was pleased. I went down the canned foods aisle while she ate her berry.  When we came back up she saw the fruit again and said "More please" all sweet in her tiny toddler voice. How could I say no? So this time I got her two berries. She was grinning ear to ear. As she ate I rounded the corner to the canned fruits. I am holding onto the carts handle and looking to my left at canned peaches as I needed some for a delicious cake recipe. My mom very calmly say, Jennifer, Mylie is choking.  I look at Mylie. She is red faced, eyes bugged, looking terrified.  i asked her if she was ok, no response. She couldn't cry, cough, or breathe. I pulled her out of the cart and flipped her over my arm head down to do first aid. I could not remember if at her age I still did it for an infant or a child.  I went with infant. I did several back thrusts and looked down at her.  She was still struggling, not breathing, but some berry came out. My mom went for help. I started doing the back thrusts harder.  FINALLY after what seemed like atleast ten minutes (although I am sure it was less than two) a big chunk of berry came out and she took in a huge gasp of air.  The we cried. It was the most horrible, scary, horrible experience thus far as a parent. We will now be passing all samples while out and about. No more eating in the car either. I want to be close at all times so I don't have to worry. Mylie left with a balloon and a soda both from granny, and more kisses than she'll ever need.  Thank God my baby is okay.