Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Again please!

I LOVE to read.  I always have. I also read to my girls often.  Now that Talise can read to herself I encourage that too.  She will also read to Mylie.  Reading is relaxing, entertaining and builds vocabulary. I like the escape. One of my favorite websites is Paperback Swap.  You can trade your books with other people for the cost of shipping out your books. What a bargain! You can save hundreds of dollars. I love it! As does my husband who enjoys the extra cash. However, I do not like reading the same book more than once. If I've read it before I remember it and it is no longer fun and becomes a chore. I have read the Three Little Pigs four times so far today.  It is 9 a.m.  I am starting to despise the piggies and their lack of common knowledge. I mean really! Who would choose straw for a dwelling? I've met some people that may think sticks is the way to go, but straw?  PUHLEASE! I know it is a teaching story. I don't know that my almost two year old gets it yet. She does LOVE looking at the piggies and seeing the wolf in the pot. Which I also find a bit disturbing.  Cooking your enemy. That'll teach'em! Most nursery rhymes and older stories are quite mean and disturbing when one really thinks about it though, babies falling from trees, boys cracking their skulls, eggs busting open never to be repaired, the list goes on. As much as it dislike it and the retelling of it multiple times a day I will. I want my girls to love reading too. I want them to be smart, have an extensive vocabulary, have loads of self confidence and enjoy the inexpensive escape. So back to the piggies for me!