Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few random things

My Mylie went to the E.N.T. on Monday to see about why she is choking so much.  He ran a tube up her nose and looked down her throat.  He said she had large-ish tonsils and big adenoids but he wanted her to have a Barium Swallow study to see if there are any strictures or compressions on her esophagus. Her Barium Swallow was this morning. I couldn't go back with her seeing as how I am pregnant. Fernando said she took one sip and spit it out. She said no and that was that. The tech warmed it up for her since she prefers her milk warm and added chocolate, and no. The Radiologist said no at that point too.  So we have no answers.  I called the E.N.T. to see where we go from here.  I am waiting on a call back.
I colored my hair today.  High-lighted it really.  It looks a little red to me, but Fernando swears it isn't .  I am weak and I broke down and let Talise color a little bit of the front of her hair.  Just around her face. It looks really cute.
Neuroblastoma - it scares the mess out of me. I have followed several blogs where this horrible, ugly, mean disease has taken babies form families. Right now Layla Grace is at the end of her fight. It brings tears to my eyes and causes knots in my stomach just thinking of what pain they must be in. I cannot imagine having to watch your sweet baby suffer like that. Sadly, Layla is not alone. Several babies die from this each year.  I check my babies tummies all the time for lumps. I would probably have an immediate stroke if I found one. I tremble at the thought. 
 I have so many things to ask my ob about.  Urine test for Neuroblastoma, pulse oximetry test for Congenital Heart Defects, I am sure I will find out about some other horrible thing to worry about before Bronson arrives. 
Speaking of Bronson, he has been a busy little guy! He has been moving around enough and with the oomph for me to be able to see it outside of my clothes.  He can really pack a punch! I don't mind, it means e is growing as he should.  I've also read that while carrying a boy baby one tends to consume more because of the testosterone secreted by the testes. Maybe that is why my mouth is more like a vacuum these days.  i will blame it on that at least.