Friday, September 25, 2009

18 Month Checkup

It's that time again.  Shots for Mylie. I believe this is where they do the autism screening too.  Although I am really not concerned about that.  She shows no signs so far. I am not at all excited about today's visit though. Vaccines. Yes I believe in vaccinating my children.  I work in health care and have seen what can come of not doing so. She does look super cute today.  She is wearing a sundress my mom bought her and it looks great with her complexion. I'll post pictures of that later. On a side note, I watched the Business of Being Born yesterday.  I highly recommend it to all pregnant ladies, or even those that are planning to become pregnant. I will definitely look into a midwife now. I'm not so sure about giving birth at home, but it is definitely something I will consider.  A very informative, touching movie. Now I must go check Talise out of school and get Mylie to her exam.