Monday, September 7, 2009

The Same Arguement

Over and over and over. I am exhausted from it. I do not understand why my husband feels that it was OK for me to be a stay at home mom and do everything with minimal help from him. Although, when I asked for help it was given. He was good about stepping up to help before I asked. He did great. Well he's been out of work for a year. A little over a year actually. Before he quit his job I had rearranged my work schedule to work a 32 hour weekend so I could be home with our girls during the week and he could have them the weekend and they wouldn't have to go to a sitter. Well then he quit. He was excited and nervous about staying at home. I still went about my new schedule. We loved it! We both got to spend a lot of time together and with our babies. It was great. Then he started getting resentful that I can support our family. Then it was because I can do it working only two days a week. Then once he brought the girls to work to see one of the Dr.'s and he saw me on down time and me and a co-worker were watching t.v. ~ that nearly pushed him over the edge. He used to work physical labor and long hours and really hard out in the elements. No t.v. for him. I made a good career choice. Most days I am running all day, some days I get to sit for an hour or more. Most days I only eat between pt.s, some days I get to enjoy my food. As long as I pay the bills it should not bother him. It should please him actually. Well now he complains that he feels like he is the only full time parent. I'll admit I do nag about the condition of the house, a sink FULL on dishes with the counter tops covered too. or toys strewn all over the living room. Those are the only rooms I expect him to clean. I do ask him to feed the baby, she nurses off of me constantly, still at 17 months old. It won't kill him to serve up real food and give my nipples a break. Oh and when I get on the computer he really gets upset, or read a book, or watch t.v. He wants me to do all of the child care, cleaning, and providing while he handles the yard and whatever hobby he currently has. So, today he got angry that I am not up getting a shower and rushing to Walmart to buy some sugar. He says to me he is sick of me and is going to leave (yeah, OK ~ how?) Oh and we are NOT gonna have another baby. He threw that in just to try to get a rise outta me. I wouldn't let him see if it affected me or not at this point. My frustration level is through the roof. I tried to talk to him. He only gives smart ass answers. Like bowing to me. I reminded him of how much time he slept instead of doing things with the family when I was the one that stayed at home, he told me he was through talking. I said he hasn't talked ~ his response was well I don't want to listen to you anymore. I just wanna go back to bed. On a side note, I'm on day26 and no period yet. that's good, last cycle I started on day24. Oh, and he's all talk, I'm not really concerned about him leaving, it what he says when he is frustrated.