Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a life!

Little Miss Bree is such a sweet baby. She is doted on by everyone in our family. Even Bronson has come around and started kissing her little head. She has finally started to enjoy her bath. Even though she is a tiny thing still, she really like her baby bath tub. It has a mesh sling that she lays in that dips into the warm water. She is so small and her little bottom is so sensitive she has a rash on it that just won't go away. I have taken her to the pediatrician about it. They say it is because her skin is so thin from being so tiny. So we now have a new diaper changing regimen for the queen. We now use warm water and a wash cloth to wipe her bum, we use the hair dryer to blow her bottom dry then apply two layers of two different diaper creams on her tush. She loves such lavish treatment. Once that hair dryer comes on she goes to mush. She just soaks it in and nearly every time she gets so relaxed she either pees or poops one more time during the dry off. We have also been giving her oatmeal baths at night. She just hangs out, relaxing while having warm water poured over her. Once out of the tub we give her a baby massage with cream oil, blow her bottom dry (twice usually) and get her in cozy pajamas. Once she eats that baby girl is in a comatose state! She will literally lay limp staring off into space for a while before falling asleep. It's so funny to us because she is quite the wiggle tail otherwise. She makes a lot of people nervous with her constant motion.
I mentioned before that Bronson has started to kiss Bree. Well, the green eyed monster has reared it's ugly head as well. Yesterday, while getting dressed, Bronson was playing quietly in my room. I'm doing my thing and I hear Bree, who was asleep in her mamaroo, start screaming. I poke my head out the door and see my sweet little fella smacking the tar out of Bree's little head over and over! I ran over and put his butt in his room and locked the gate! That poor little girl was sleeping away and got woken up by being smacked in the darn head! She was covered in toys too. Needless to say, he now either gets locked in whatever room I am in with me, or in his room with the baby gate locked. I figured it was just a matter of time. He is so much calmer than my other girls were I had my fingers crossed jealousy would peek much later on. Maybe it still will. Maybe that was just the beginning rather than the peak. I sure hope not. Other than the one smack down, Bree has a darn good life I think. I never though I'd be blowing my child's bum dry about 10 times a day, but you do what you've got to do to have a healthy happy queen!