Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Month!

My sweet little snuggle muffin is one month old. It has been quite an adjustment. We are all adapting well though. She is such a sweet girl. She is more alert and seems happy except for during diaper changes and when she's hungry. Bryan, who swears he loves all the kids equally, has started to kiss and love on her a lot more often. She lays in bed with me at night to nurse while we watch television. He leans over and rubs her head or belly and kisses her little head. She will just stare at him. He's slowly building confidence caring for her. He has to just move a bit quicker when changing her diapers. He still takes a while and she gets crazy mad.  She has finally gotten big enough for me to feel comfortable giving her a bath in her baby tub. I still held her with one hand the entire time. She liked her tub better than bathing in the big tub with me. All her siblings are still doting on her a lot. Bronson has even started to touch her tiny feet and kiss her on the head. Her cousins seem smitten as well. It is sweet. Her features have softened, but she still looks like her daddy. She is MY girl though. I can settle her the fastest and at night she can just lay close to me and drift off with out her paci or nursing. I know it's because I am her momma, her food source, and she lived within me. It still feels so special to know I am her ticket. She has gained a total of 1 pound 3 ounces and grew 2 whole inches! She is finally starting to fit into her newborn clothes. She blows through diapers like a machine! I am down to my last box of newborn diapers. I had bought 3 boxes of 96, plus 3 small packs and she went through two hospital packs and a pack of preemie's. She is nursing well too, although sometimes she will nurse off of both sides and then still take an ounce or two of formula. It's crazy because I worried so much while pregnant with her. I worried about how she'd look, if she'd fit in with my other kids, how Bryan would treat her. I worried if I'd love her the same, if I'd like another girl after having Bronson. Well, she's turned out beautiful. My kids adore her so far. I hope she will resemble them more as she grows. Bryan does treat her differently. I have to talk to him about it a lot. He tends to try to punish my kids by saying they can't hold or kiss Bree. That is not allowed! I want them all bonded to each other equally, no outsiders! He is much more affectionate with Bree, I knew that would happen though. I feel it would be un-natural if he wasn't. I hope he will be more conscious of it and start being more affectionate with all the others. I do love Bree the same as my other children. Even after having my sweet boy. He still has a special place in my heart though. Those big blue eyes and precious smile will always make me mush! He is my sweet fella, that will never change. Bree is just as special to me. She is a wonderful addition to our family.