Saturday, November 3, 2012

Under the weather

Sickness has struck our household. So far only Bryan and I am exempt. I sure hope I didn't just curse us by typing that out. Talise started getting sick the week after Bree was born. It just sounded like drainage making her cough so I just gave her OTC meds and we were riding it out. The next week Miss Mylie was coughing too. So much for my assumption. No fevers or anything so I gave her cough medicine.Well, Mylie started getting random low grade fevers and Bronson woke up barking so the Monday before Halloween we went to see the expert. I hauled Talise in too, feeling like a neglectful parent for not bringing my oldest in sooner. She obviously did not feel the same way. She was so angry I made her go to the pediatrician. Talise had an ear infection, Mylie had bronchitis and Bronson had croup.  We got all their meds filled and went home. All week we have been cleaning and spraying Lysol. We have tried are best to keep the germs at bay and all the kids away from Bree. I was hoping they would all be better by Halloween. Mylie had her first Halloween party at school. She was so excited to tell me about it when I picked her up from school. By the time we got home she zonked out immediately on the sofa. When we woke her up to see if she still wanted to go she said yes but was really ornery. Bronson refused to wear his costume, Mylie would only put on part of hers. Talise went with her friends and off we went to a neighborhood that actually has trick or treaters. They seemed to have fun. Once Bronson realized that when you knock on strangers doors they open up and give you candy he was completely on board. He even tried going into a lady's house! He LOVED seeing pets dressed up. I could tell they still weren't well because they only went around one block and Mylie said she had enough candy, she was ready to go home.  It was fine with us.  We got them loaded in the car and they were asleep before we got going. The next day I got the call...Mylie had a fever at school. I picked her up and called the pediatrician. Bree had started coughing that morning as well. They couldn't be seen until the next day. Mylie went and laid in her bed to watch television. Bronson came up to me and laid his head on my lap, he was hot. He had a fever. Then Mylie came in and was really hot. I took her temperature, it was 104.5! I took them both to Urgent Care. Mylie needed a breathing treatment and tested positive for strep. So she was sent home with an inhaler and antibiotics. Bronson had a bad middle ear infection, so antibiotics and pain relief for him. Friday morning we all headed to the pediatrician for Miss Bree. She, thankfully, only has an upper respiratory infection. We bought a humidifier, little noses drops and baby vapor rub. This morning they are all playing and aggravating each other so I believe the medicine is working. Lots of sniffles, chasing faces to wipe noses, Lysol spraying and wiping going on in our home. If only we could get little prisspot breathing better we would all be happy.